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NPU, GPU, TPU, FPGA e hardware in generale

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What is the use of CCNA Certification?

The affirmation approves the holder's overall capacity to introduce, secure, work, and investigate issues inside big business organizations. Cisco CCNA certificate offers experts a top to bottom comprehension of systems administration ideas. It helps organizing experts stay up with the... (Più)

TeNeS (Tensor Network Solver) is a solver for 2D quantum lattice system based on a PEPS wave function and the CTM method. TeNeS can make use of many CPU/nodes through an OpenMP/MPI hybirid parallel tensor operation library, mptensor.
OpenTPU is an open-source re-implementation of Google's Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) by the UC Santa Barbara ArchLab. The TPU is Google's custom ASIC for accelerating the inference phase of neural network computations. Our design is based on details from Google's... (Più)
For our TPU, we designed a 32x32 systolic array. As presented by picture below, under the scenario that there are two matrices need to do matrix multiplication, matrix A (named weight matrix) multiply with matrix B(named data matrix), each of... (Più)